Corona Virus Our response to is FREE MUSIC!! Stay At Home, Music As Medicine.

Apr 1, 2020 | 0 comments

Our response to Corona Virus

With the upsurge of Corona Virus we have been forced to change our daily lives. These are truly some strange and difficult times for all of us. We are all stuck at home worried for the ones close to us. Its during these difficult times that, at least for us, music has helped geting to grips with all the crap that we going through.

Free Music?

As with all of you we feel the pressure of this new way of living, so we decided to help out and to offer you all our whole discography for free!!! All our albums and single, will be available here to anyone that wants to download them.

A wish to all!

We really hope that this can bring some joy or at least help with the boredom, during these thought times! Lets hope we can all look at this period as a period of regrouping and planing for a better tomorrow!

Wish you all the best!

The guys from Serenity Broken

Download Re/Define

Free download of the whole album.

Download Comercial Suicide

Free download of the whole album.

Download Savior

Free download of the whole album.

Download Live & Unplugged

Free download of the whole album.